A Cape Air flight bound from Boston to the Vineyard on Saturday evening was forced to make an emergency landing at the Barnstable Municipal Airport when the landing gear malfunctioned.

None of the seven people on board the twin-engine Cessna 402 were injured.

The pilot, John Call, 32, of Marshfield, was on approach to the Vineyard airport around 7:15 p.m. when a warning light indicated the landing gear in the nose was malfunctioning, Martha’s Vineyard Airport manager Sean Flynn said.

The tower at the Vineyard Airport was closed at the time, so Mr. Call decided to divert to the Barnstable Municipal Airport as a precaution.

“Normally when you have a problem like that you need the people in the tower to help you determine if the landing gear is down and locked,” Mr. Flynn said.

Mr. Call did several flybys of the Barnstable airport while emergency vehicles were put into position. The pilot was able to land the plane safely, although the nose of the plane collapsed and hit the tarmac during the emergency landing. Mr. Flynn said all the passengers then boarded another Cape Air flight and continued on to the Vineyard.

“They got here safe and sound, thankfully. Just a little later than expected,” he said.