Celebrate midsummer with an unconventional fairy tale, a film about teen romance, basketball, and the realms of fantasy. Max Minsky and Me, a whimsical, heartfelt, feel-good story about the confusions of young love, screens Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center on Centre street in Vineyadr Haven.

Nelly is a brainy 13-year-old Berlin schoolgirl with a gigantic crush on handsome Prince Edouard of Luxembourg. But her only hope for royal romance is to make the school basketball team — before it leaves to play a tournament in Luxembourg. And her only hope for making the team is basketball ace Max Minsky, age 15.

Scholastically speaking, Max is no Einstein, and so Nelly and Max make a deal: their parents think she is tutoring him for school, but secretly, he’s teaching her to shoot hoops. If only a deal between a teen girl and a teen boy was really that simple.

Max Minsky and Me is based on a novel by Holly-Jane Rahlens that earned the prestigious 2003 Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis as the best young adult novel published in Germany. It’s in German with English subtitles, and is family-friendly.