This has not been exactly the type of winter the sailors of the Edgartown Yacht Club think of in connection with boats and sailing, so to keep the members happy, an art show was held on Friday.

It turns out that there are lots of artists, painters and sketchers who are members, so there were 22 entries. One of the artists was professional and sells her paintings all over the country, and that was Meg Mercier now of Edgartown. Another was semi-professional — Helen Bowring. The rest were just artists who painted for the love of it.

Arlene Kasler entered a great picture of the Edgartown Light with all proportions correct and Hatsy Potter had a delicious oil of Dedesis Creek on Chappaquiddick with lovely colors including pink bushes in the center of things.

There were junks, by Helen Bowring; an enchanting young girl knee-deep in the tide and the wind, by Meg; and John Aldeborgh entered a landscape which looked like an engraving.

Three huge paintings by Sarah Moor were abstracts; one was definitely of the sea and the other looked as if she had painted a thought, if thoughts can be pictured, and the third was a rolling green hill. These three oils were exceptionally well received.

Little scenics dotted the walls, one by Helen Bowring, was nautical including her husband, a former Commodore, and a boat off the Yacht Club wharf entitled, Waiting for the Committee Boat. Meg Mercier showed a wonderful view of the Yacht Club pier surrounded by land, sea and Chappaquiddick.

There was a bird, not a water bird, but some form of raptor, by Sandy Blake, now Meinfelder, and two corgis amongst scallop shells to invoke the Island, by Winkie Keith. She also showed a bunch of bottles which had the viewers wondering if they were full and if so with what, and whether they would be worth investigating.

A wonderful imaginary duck was painted by the late Mary Fearey and shown by her daughter and a lovely tiny floral water color by Betty Dickenson was entered unbeknownst to Betty.

A small painting, but full of interesting things, was entitled Night Watchman. By Joel Cristea, it was busy and full of action.

A very long oil by Kara Shaw when she was 13 was placed on a very long table. It was of the Gay Head Cliffs and the wonderful Gay Head Light.

Land, sea, people, dogs and houses of the Island were all there, and the only strange opus was an unfinished pencil sketch by Edith Blake depicting the assassination of Julius Caesar. No one is quite sure how he got into the act.

A committee of Helen Bowring and Meg Mercier did the hanging, Hatsy Potter wrote all the cards identifying artists and Trudy Carter kept everyone in line to make the show work.

This is the first time there has been an art show per se at the club, but during the non-nautical times of year anything is bound to happen. First thing this winter was a dog show, then the members learned how to use kitchen knives and then to make Christmas decorations. Next thing that might happen is members learning how to make their own spaghetti.