Well, last weekend was seasonable with clear days and cold evenings. It allowed for plenty of outdoor work to get done. All members of Red Sox Nation are lamenting the Sox loss to the Rays and there will be no World Series games for us this year. The leaves that have turned are falling rapidly and the wind has swirled them around, covering the road in some spots. The J.K. Scanlon crew has successfully lifted the town hall off its foundation earlier this week. Jim Hudson, crew chief, reports finding work assignments by students in the old school building dating back nearly 100 years between the floors.

John Paul Jones married Irene Selvino of Rogers Path in one of the greenhouses at Vineyard Meadow Farms that was beautifully transformed into a wedding chapel and reception site for 150 guests. Three large, extremely fragrant Brugmansia trees were at the head of the building, and mums of various sizes and colors stood on styrofoam columns forming a center isle. Congratulations to them and a wonderful time was had by all.

Judy McCarthy, over at the school, reports that the students from Bridgewater High School in Warrington, England arrived yesterday for a 10-day visit to our school and the Island. Students from Shelley, England will be here during the same time frame visiting the regional high school. Also the fifth grade class’s annual sleepover at the Boston Museum of Science was on Wednesday and Thursday. They will be returning home today.

Lynne Eppel of Boulder, Colo. closed up her parents’ home, Innisfree, and returned home last Saturday. Lynne has a new book, Edible Front Range, all about local produce. She is the publisher and editor. A few years ago Lynne wrote a food column for this paper.

Jason and Jill Napior of Old Courthouse Road welcomed a new addition to their family last weekend. They are the proud parents of a son named Leo. Paternal grandparents are Lesley Eaton and David Napior of New York and Jack and Susan Hobby of Chilmark.

Grandparents Judy and Bob Jahries of Field View Lane proudly announce the arrival of twin granddaughters, Margaret Judith and Mathilda Clark on Tuesday out in Oakland, Calif. They were born one minute apart. The proud parents are Emily J. and Perry Moehnke of Orinda, Calif. They have a big brother, Porter, age two and a half, to welcome the girls home! Their first visit to the Island will be over the Christmas holidays.

Holly Bario and Mark Sourian were recently named co-presidents of production for a new DreamWorks venture. During her decade at Universal, the comedy-savvy Holly oversaw such films as Bruce Almighty, Meet the Parents, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Holly’s parents are Pat and Joan Jenkinson of North Road.

Emily Gadd returned to her home in Boseman, Montana recently after spending the summer months at her home on South Road. Emily’s garden produced a wealth of vegetables that she graciously shared with her friends.

Albertha (Bert) Steele died at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital on Monday. Bert was the widow of Andrew Steele and they lived in Chilmark. Our condolences to the family.

Marsha Winsryg reports that the African Artists’ Community Development Project will be holding their annual meeting on Thursday morning in Vineyard Haven. Past and future projects will be discussed as well as how to deal with the organizational needs of the project.

Anyone interested in supporting the effort to help African artists find larger markets is encouraged to attend. Ms. Winsryg is especially in need of bookkeeping advice. If you have questions please call her at 508-693-4059.

Stop over at Vineyard Gardens for their annual harvest festival from 12 to 3 p.m. tomorrow. The nursery is located on State Road in North Tisbury across the street from the post office. Join them at the festival for fun, games and free refreshments for the whole family including hot chili, corn bread, caramel apples, gourd and bulb planting activities, a raffle, nursery tours and a plant identifying contest. For more information give them a call at 508-693-8511.

Lynn Christoffers, of Edgartown Road, reports that a new program, The Vineyard View, with Ann Bassett, premiered Wednesday night on cable channel 13. It featured photographs of her many wonderful models for Cats and Children on the Vineyard.

Susan Goldstein of Makonikey reports that Zephrus Seafood & Grill restaurant has created a sweet new way for Vineyarders to think of each other and to donate to the Island Food Pantry. They will tempt patrons with a special apple pie and send proceeds from the dessert to the pantry every two weeks. The dessert comes with ice cream and costs $12. After just the first few days of this new dessert they were able to donate over $100, and are anticipating enough pie eaters to support checks throughout the winter season. Besides visiting Zephrus for apple pie you can also donate directly to the Island Food Pantry.

As Halloween is nearly upon us, let me remind you of the biggest Halloween spoof ever accidentally played on the public. It was the broadcast, on Oct. 30, 1938, of Orson Welles’ dramatization of H.G. Wells’ tale War of the Worlds on Mercury Theatre of the Air, which aired nationwide on the CBS radio network. The Martian invasion was covered by realistic live reports interrupting the regularly scheduled program.

The headline on page one of the New York Times the following morning read Radio Listeners in Panic Taking War Drama as Fact. If however, that Sunday evening you were listening to the program that was broadcast opposite it on the NBC radio network you knew nothing about “the invasion” and enjoyed the show.

What was the name of that weekly comedy program that starred a small man in a top hat and was sponsored by Chase and Sanborn coffee?

Happy birthday to: Betty Cottle, Ben deForest and Shirley Wilcox today, Carol Koury, Doreen Rezendes and Sarah Mayhew tomorrow, Sid Counsell, Laura Roosevelt, Sarah Bergeron, Amy Lawry and Maureen Fisher on Sunday, Barbara Child and Heather Slayton on Monday, Brian Alwardt on Tuesday, Fran Finnegan, Barbara Moment, Paul Wells and Joe Capobianco on Wednesday, Patricia Szucs and Lisa Epstein Thursday. Belated 65th wedding anniversary wishes to George and Mary Lu Hough of Indian Hill.

Well that is all of the social news for this week’s column. If you have any news please call or e-mail me.