In a one-day-only literary event Sunday, Elizabeth Dembrowsky will read from her forthcoming novel, My Monk in Garamond, soon to be published by Heliotrope Books, and Fran Sommers will read from her new play, Space, at 2 and again at 6 p.m. at Katharine Cornell Theatre in Vineyard Haven.

This inaugural reading August 17 will mark the beginning of Ms. Dembrowsky’s book tour and allow the audience the opportunity to hear from the debut novel of an innovative new writer. After each reading, Ms. Dembrowsky will take questions and discussion with the audience.

My Monk in Garamond is told from the perspective of a modern young woman with a hyperactive mind. Tthe novel explores the heroine’s star-crossed and unrequited love affair with a man who has decided to devote himself to the service of God. Uninhibited and vulnerable, she knowingly dives headfirst into an emotional empty pool, deciding that impossible love is better than no love at all. With the aid of an omniscient narrator and plenty of footnotes, My Monk in Garamond is a heartfelt and achingly honest portrayal of the pitfalls and frailty of earnest human connection.

Ms. Sommers’s play, Space, is an intriguing behind-the-headlines look at a family in long-term crisis. Ms. Sommers is a copywriter/creative director turned playwright; and the proud descendant of a long line of unknown but still spectacular storytellers.

For more information, call 718-598-3481.