A story published in Tuesday’s Gazette about the Vineyard Nursing Association incorrectly described the organization’s finances. The association anticipates having a surplus this year, but will incur more debt.

In a story in the Tuesday Gazette about a talk given by National Public Radio correspondent Mara Liasson, Ms. Liasson was misquoted. She said that elements of the Republican Party viewed Governor Huckabee as an evangelical Trostskyite; this was not her own view. She spoke the word journalists, not journos. And she received the Merriman Smith award.

Stevan Dohanos painted the picture of the Menemsha General Store which became a Saturday Evening Post cover on August 26, 1950. In a story about the Seward brothers in Tuesday’s edition of the Gazette, the painting was credited to Thomas Hart Benton.

The Gazette regrets the errors.