The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce and the Steamship Authority are seeking volunteers to conduct customer surveys on board the SSA ferries on the Vineyard-Woods Hole route from July 1 through August 23. The goal is to gain customer feedback and market research.

All volunteers will receive complimentary ferry passes at the end of the survey, and their name will be entered into a grand prize giveaway sponsored by the chamber.

The chamber will be the main headquarters for volunteers, provide training and support, and distribute materials and schedules to volunteers. The Steamship Authority will provide survey kits, uniform shirts (white polo shirts), assist with training, provide boarding identification for use during volunteer shifts, and will tabulate the results of the surveys.

Surveyors must be fluent in English, knowledgeable about Nantucket and the Steamship Authority, enthusiastic, energetic and conversational.

Each survey volunteer will be asked to fulfill at least one shift a week; schedules to be coordinated during training. A copy of driver’s license or photo identification must be submitted during the training session.

Anyone interested in volunteering to be a survey taker should get in touch with the Vineyard Chamber of Commerce at 508-693-0085 by Wednesday, June 25.