The Tashmoo Spring building preservation committee has scheduled a brainstorming meeting about the possible future use of the Tashmoo Spring Building, built in 1887 as a pumping station at the head of Lake Tashmoo, Vineyard Haven.

The meeting will be held at the Tisbury Senior Center from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 5.

Exterior renovations and interior structural restoration are set to be completed at the Tashmoo Spring building by June 2009.

The committee now plans that the building will be designed in its next phase in a manner that protects its environmentally fragile location, and demonstrates environmentally sustainable methods.

Suggestions for reuse of the building include an aquarium, interactive exhibits that include marine science, nautical history, the Wampanoags and waterworks history, a summer theatre camp site, and an office for a nonprofit group.

At present, plans call for the building to include a handicapped accessible restroom, a conference room, an office, and an exhibit room (which now has a cistern in one section, which could be part of a marine life exhibit).

Committee members hope many will come to see what the building has to offer, and plan for its adaptive reuse.

For reservations and more information, please call Lorraine Clark at 508-696-4202 or send an e-mail to