As the two-week shotgun season for deer came to a close, officials reported that it has been a quiet year, with the number of deer taken down by almost half from last year.

A total of 118 deer were checked in at the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest through the first week, compared to 208 last year. At the Wampanoag tribe station in Aquinnah, 104 deer were checked in through the first week, compared to 181 through the same period last year.

“There are just less hunters this year than usual,” said Bret Stearns, natural resources officer for the tribe.

“And the season started off with bad weather. I think a lot of hunters went out the first day and sloshed around and got nothing, and then sort of gave up,” he added.

Mr. Stearns said fewer people purchased hunting licenses this year than in previous years.

Walter Ashley, an Oak Bluffs hunter who voluntarily checks in deer for the state, said he had checked in only five deer at his station through the middle of the second week.

“This was bound to happen, there are fewer hunters and more places for the deer to hide. Plus there were years recently when a large number of deer were taken. Maybe there are just less deer to hunt,” Mr. Ashley said.

The two-week shotgun season ends tomorrow one half-hour after sunset.