The Yard, a performing artists’ dance colony in Chilmark, is among 54 charitable organizations newly listed in the 2007 Massachusetts Catalogue of Philanthropy, a publication mailed to the 120,000 wealthiest families in the state. The catalogue, published yearly since 1997, links charities and benefactors.

This year, 390 organizations applied for 54 available spots. “We are highly selective,” said catalogue president George McCully. The catalogue targets nonprofits with budgets of less than $3 million a year. Its list now includes about 800 organizations, as each year it expands by roughly 60 groups. Several Island organizations, including Friends Of Family Planning and the Aids Alliance Of Martha’s Vineyard Inc., already are included.

Four organizations from the Cape and one from Nantucket join the Yard on the list of new charities. . “The Yard is a great example of a modest-sized organization of the very highest quality in their field,” Mr. McCully said.

Wendy Taucher, artistic director at the Yard, shared the excitement. “This will help us find people who might be interested in helping us,” she said, “and will help those people find us.”