A lot of people are walking around with the same dazed but happy look on their faces. After all the late nights watching the Red Sox games and their victory in the World Series, the looks are worth it.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kaetlin Nelson and Dunovan Belisle who celebrated their day on Oct. 25, Gabriella Carlos on Oct. 27, Jessica Santana on Oct. 31, Yan Bricoli on Nov. 1, and Thiago Muni, who celebrates his day today, Nov. 2.

With the weather being like September, it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be in three weeks and Christmas less than seven weeks. But we are reminded at work as the lights are going up while it’s warm and we have started making the wet wreath forms and the trees will be arriving in a couple of weeks. Ho ho ho.

Halloween was a success at the fire station. Everyone did a great job trying to scare the kids. It was fun and the firefighters are already planning next year.

The Cooper Gilkes family all planned a family trip and it was a success. Cooper and Lela Gilkes and Tina Polleys and her children J.J. and Audrey flew out of Providence, Jon Polleys Danny Gilkes and his girlfriend Elizabeth got in the car and drove and Tim and Debbie Gilkes, and son Cooper flew and Christian Polleys flew and joined the family at Disney World. The trip was carefully planned and everyone was pleased with the results. I hear Cooper was having a little withdrawal as there was no fishing but I hear he had a great time with his grandchildren and watching their excitement.

There is not much news this week. Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.