The film was shot at the Edgartown bathing beach on Chappaquiddick back in the summer of 1927. And it turns out that people swam, splashed, sunbathed, smiled at one another and flirted with the camera exactly the same way they do now, nearly 90 years later.
In this week’s Gazette, we provide detail showing that while a town-appointed parking lot committee was having very public meetings to consider reconfiguration of the lot adjacent to the grocery store, selectmen were addressing a range of related issues in private emails with Stop & Shop and behind closed doors.
Three daughters left, and the storm came. As if on cue, as if to say, slow down and reflect on all that is good. So you sat on the porch, rain drifting over the sound, and like a photograph dropped into developing solution, the past few days came into focus.
The Camp Jabberwocky stage was a small Amish town in Pennsylvania where Dr. Frankenstein set up a laboratory. Using high voltage electricity, he zapped his green creature, Derrick, to life.
Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, two outs, one ball, two strikes. At this point, it could be anyone’s game. Little League bragging rights are on the line.
Feel the peace of solitudein our forestsand our glensPick the fruit of summeron our beacheswith your friendsDrink the cool fresh bounty
Under the late afternoon sun, a group of smiling beachgoers, some from Camp Jabberwocky, others from Beacon Academy, ran into the ocean together.
I recently read letters to the editor by a Peter Robb and Michael Fontes, both which complained about President Obama’s supposed poor leadership, incompetence and failures during the first six years of his presidency.
Thirty years ago I flirted with the idea of quitting my day job and writing the Great American Novel.