Learning Opportunities Grow at New Farm Institute Greenhouse

Sidney Morris, the former education director at the Farm Institute, was behind the plan for a solar greenhouse at the farm. The greenhouse, which will teach kids and grow food, is scheduled to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Ram on the Lam Finds Temporary Shelter at Katama Farm

A one-year-old ram named Chili has repeatedly torn free from its fencing confines this winter and roamed the plains of Katama. Chili has kept animal control officer Barbara Prada busy — she calls him a Houdini.

A Weekend of Shearing and Shucking

It’s a surf and turf kind of weekend on the Vineyard with not one but three celebrations of field and sea.

Little Lambs

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m., the Farm Institute is looking for help with feeding and weighing the newborn lambs.

Meals in Meadow Raises Funds for Farm Education

Farm Institute campers Juliette Colas and Evan Troost gave tours. Evan stood next to an aerial map of the farm where campers had previously identified plants around the farm, naming clover, oxeye daisies, fleabane and hairy vetch.

“Well that’s actually found right under us,” he said of the purple-flowered cover crop. Juliette pointed out barns, greenhouses and silos with expert commentary.

Even Deeper Roots for Friendship Garden

In May, Richard (RJ) Cage and his two sons built a handicap accessible vegetable garden at the Farm Institute. They used old barn wood to create the raised bed, making sure it was tall enough for wheelchair users to be able to lean over and pick crops easily. Over the summer more than 10 participants from the Seven Hills Foundation, a year-round day program for adults with developmental disabilities, worked in the garden two to three times a week.

FARM Institute Seeds the Minds of Youth

Ask most kids where their eggs, beef and milk come from and they'll tell you the grocery store. Ask the same question of the young people who have spent a week at Herring Creek Farm and they'll answer differently: "It comes from a farm."

Neighbors Head to Court to Stop New Programs at Town's Katama Farm

Neighbors Head to Court to Stop New Programs at Town's Katama Farm


Complaining that Edgartown officials turned a deaf ear to their appeals to limit operations at Katama Farm, a group of four Katama residents will go to court Tuesday - pleading with a superior court judge to evict the FARM Institute, newest tenant of the town-owned farm.

Farm Institute Leases Fragile Katama Land

After a period of lying fallow, Katama Farm will be traditionally farmed again. The Edgartown Conservation Commission on Wednesday night agreed to lease the historic property to FARM Institute.

Their decision brings the 180-acre farm back into the Island farming community. It also allows FARM Institute the opportunity to expand its role of helping young people learn the ways of agriculture.

Farm Institute Welcomes Visitors’ Help on Chores

The Farm Institute invites Island residents and visitors for family and community chores on Saturday, July 26, at 9 a.m. with author Norman Bridwell reading two of his beloved Clifford The Big Red Dog stories at noon.

Lend a hand big or small in collecting eggs, milking the goat, feeding and caring for the cows, sheep, pigs and baby chicks, and there are garden chores to enjoy as well. Dress for the weather — and to get dirty.

This is a free community event and no registration or experience is necessary. Donations are welcome.