Callooh, Callay!

In 1953 a few children from Fall River, some in wheelchairs and some wearing braces, clambered off the ferry and found freedom for the first time on the Vineyard. Sixty years later, Camp Jabberwocky is still changing lives.

Officially known as the Martha’s Vineyard Cerebral Palsy Camp, this extraordinary program gives adults and children with severe disabilities a few weeks each year to experience all the joys of summer — swimming, dancing, fishing, parasailing, painting, horseback riding, to name a few.

60 Years On, Jabberwocky Still Brightening Each Frabjous Day

Just one visit to Camp Jabberwocky seals the deal — you will want whatever it is the camp propagates. It will take some sacrifice and a little blood, sweat and tears but the unstoppable spirit that lives among the Tumtum trees in the woods surrounding the cabins is infectious.

Camp Jabberwocky Celebrates 60 Years

It was 60 years ago that Helen Lamb first brought six children with disabilities to a leaky cottage in Oak Bluffs. The rest is not just history, but her beloved legacy: Camp Jabberwocky, a residential vacation camp for people with disabilities.

Sixty Years of Camp Jabberwocky

Camp Jabberwocky, a summer camp for children and adults with disabilities, is enthusiastically looking forward to celebrating its 60th anniversary this summer. The celebration will also give fellow campers and me the opportunity to thank the residents of Martha’s Vineyard for helping make camp possible. For the past six decades, your generous support has succeeded in allowing the camp to grow and flourish.

After 33 Years, a Change at Jabberwocky

After 33 Years, a Change at Jabberwocky


The cabins are a topple of blankets and mattresses, the last of the tents is being taken down, and remnant odds and ends have been packed in boxes and lined up along the ramp railings. It is the middle of the afternoon and the loudest sound is the leaves rustling overhead. Like an empty ballroom, it is after the season at Camp Jabberwocky, and the echoes of shouts and laughter still hover among the tree branches and empty rooms.

Looking Glass: Jabberwocky Is Heading South with New Camp

Looking Glass: Jabberwocky Is Heading South with New Camp

Special to the Vineyard Gazette

Jowharah Johnson enjoys dancing and having fun. Her parents frequently take her out. But the 19-year-old African American teenager, who has Cerebral Palsy, does not have friends to hang out with.

Camp Jabberwocky Director Steps Down

Camp Jabberwocky Director Steps Down

Gillian Lamb Butchman Has Resigned to Pursue Ever-Widening Mission of Building Similar Camps


After 35 years, Gillian Lamb Butchman quietly stepped down from her role as director at Camp Jabberwocky on Saturday. The daughter of Jabberwocky founder Helen (Hellcat) Lamb, Mrs. Butchman's resignation leaves the venerable cerebral palsy camp with no Lamb in an active director role for the first time in its 52-year history.

Camp Jabberwocky Begins with Changed Leadership

The red bus is back, and so are the participants of Camp Jabberwocky, the longtime summer camp on Martha's Vineyard for youths and adults with cerebral palsy.

A Jabberwocky Brand of Independence

I have been attending Camp Jabberwocky for 47 years. Participating in the Fourth of July parade is one of my favorite activities while at camp. It gives me and my fellow campers the opportunity to celebrate Independence Day as well as our independence. In our outrageous costumes with our fun-loving counselors, we also express our appreciation to our Martha’s Vineyard friends.

Chronicles of Jabberwocky Always Inspiring

The morning after fellow campers and I arrived at Camp Jabberwocky, we went with our fun-loving counselors to music class in the camp’s studio. We sang Rocket Man by Elton John. I must admit our singing was very rusty, but as the month progresses it will vastly improve.

Rocket Man will be one of the songs for this year’s play — Jabberwocky Presents The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe — which will be written and directed by my counselor for the summer, Michael Leon.