A thin crescent moon appears low in the southwestern sky next week. The New Moon phase is Saturday, so it is likely some viewers will see the thin...

Two downtown beaches in Oak Bluffs reopened to swimming Thursday after a two-day closure.

What a pleasant surprise to have a nice, steady rain last Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning feeling like all was right with the world.

I sincerely doubt if heath hens were re-introduced to the Vineyard that they would make it through one season.

July 25 is a special day to pay homage to a vegetable and to acknowledge the root of a political triumph. Turnip Day is upon us.

Vineyard beach managers are reporting sightings of Portuguese man-of-war on south-facing beaches this month, with one report of a person stung.

The moon has left our evening sky and is more favorably placed for viewing early in the morning.

Heath Hen video

The last heath hen disappeared from Martha's Vineyard in 1932 and the species declared extinct in 1933.

The heath hen’s story of decline and extinction has become inextricably linked to Martha’s Vineyard.