Dancing to the Beat of Exploration as the Yard's Season Opens

How does one capture the spirit of Martha’s Vineyard in a way that can live past the present? Or how to recreate the way time feels as the tide ebbs and flows at Stonewall Beach. Or how about the timeless music of the country’s oldest carousel?

Dance the Mytoi Garden

This time around the Yard is coming to the garden. Dancers will entertain visitors to the Mytoi Japanese Garden on Chappaquiddick with pop-up performances from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 31.

Rise Dance Troupe Earns Honors

Recently the Rise dance troupe participated in the Turn It Up Dance Challenge in Springfield. The dancers earned 10 platinum awards, 22 high golds and four national invites.

Rising Up, Never Trading Passion for Glory

Dance company members at Rise have been rehearsing 31 pieces for the American Dance Awards regional competition.

No Matter the Age, Dancers Take the Stage

Sandy Broyard and Sally Cohn will direct What’s Written Within on Sunday, March 23 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center. This will be the dance group's third annual performance at the Hebrew Center’s arts program.

Yard Workers Not Just Desk Jockeys

Alison Manning and Jesse Keller can always return to the dance floor. It’s a lesson they learned at the age of six when they began to dance, and one they’ve carried with them throughout their careers. Now they hope to teach that to the next generation.

Dancing in Step With Community

For two weekends in August Oak Bluffs goes dancing. The beating of drums begins around 7:30 p.m., beckoning people to the corner of Grove and Narragansett avenues. Inside Union Chapel dancers sway and stretch and leap, warming up to the drumbeats.

Yard Features Doug Elkins

Doug Elkins is looking for that weird moment, the uncomfortable that makes you think twice.

“The screw up can be more interesting than the actual phrase,” Mr. Elkins said outside of the Yard theatre in Chilmark this week.

On Thursday night at 8 p.m. Doug Elkins Choreography, etc. performs two original works created at the Yard, Mo(or)town/Redux and Hapless Bizarre. A special benefit performance will take place Saturday night at 6:30 p.m. These will be Mr. Elkins final performances of a three year residency at the Yard.

Video: Tapping to Beat of Different Bodies at the Yard

It’s time for tap to take its seat at the contemporary dance table, and it starts in Chilmark. Artists colony the Yard began its second annual Tap the Yard festival on Thursday night, July 25, bringing together a host of rhythm and percussive-based dancers that go beyond the standard tap steps to include hiphop, Irish step dancing, body percussion and modern dance.

Downtown Goes Up-Island at the Yard

Three downtown divas arrive on the up-Island dance scene this weekend.

New York choreographers Jodi Melnick, Vicky Shick and Jon Kinzel are performing at the Yard in Chilmark today and tomorrow, June 29 and 30, both performances beginning at 8 p.m.