You’ll find me at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum for the weekend, as Moore and Moore and Moore opens this evening from 5 to 7 p.m. at the museum gallery, curated by museum director David Nathans.
Lots of successful Oak Bluffs' denizens have traveled the world, but none have seen it so crisply and cleanly as Dr. Bernard A. Harris, author of the book Dream Walker.
Martha’s Vineyard hosts some of Nashville’s finest songwriters and artists from Sept. 11 to 14, when New England to Nashville (NETN) presents the fourth annual Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters Festival.
Robert’s Way near the Edgartown School has been closed all summer but will now be open at night and on weekends, following a vote by the town selectmen this week. Fire and police departments asked that the road be reopened for better safety and emergency access.
Following a huge welcome home early this month, the Charles W. Morgan is now back in her berth at Chubb’s Wharf at Mystic Seaport. There are no barrels of whale oil to unload this time, but instead a wealth of new information to digest.
I painstakingly separated the tiny thyme plants into cells. They had stems no bigger than a human hair. I planted them all randomly in my vegetable garden and pretty much ignored them for a year.
Rebecca Gilbert of Native Earth Teaching Farm definitely has her ducks in a row. Her Cayuga ducks, that is! This special species were by far my favorite animals at the Agricultural Fair last week.
Unveil your inner archaeologist at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum on Saturday, August 30, from 9 a.m. to noon as a panel of experts explain your rare finds.
Bob Shriber's yard in Aquinnah was the hot spot on August 26 as he spotted a yellow-billed cuckoo, which has been very rare on the Vineyard this summer.