By the year 2050, Massachusetts needs 52 per cent of the commonwealth to be permanently conserved as open space.Currently, a quarter of the bay state’s five million acres is developed, a quarter is protected and the rest is up for grabs.
Filmmakers explore the serious and whimsical world of whistling in their film Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling.
Every region of the Vineyard, and for an Island of a hundred square miles in area, there are a surprising number and a variety of regions, enclaves, realms, provinces and natural districts, is a repository of its own variety of summer experience. In sum they would make a patchwork of history as uncontrived and as interesting as an old time patchwork quilt. Some of these summer experiences were broadly public, some sequestered and private, and many of them are already forgotten.
Word that Howard Wall had died came as no surprise. He had fought ocular melanoma and a host of attendant horrors for seven long years, and his recent prognosis was grim. But as a shock, yes. A rabbit-punch to the heart, followed hard by sorrow and loss.
I wanted to let you know that all cars at the State Beach in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs that have tires on the sand, not completely on the pavement, are being ticketed by the sheriff’s department.
We recently were on the Vineyard for our annual two-week stay when I experienced trouble with our 11-year-old Land Rover.
Can you imagine how happy Ted Farrow would have been to see his original artwork of Tashtego, the Gay Head Indian harpooner (from Moby-Dick) adorning the Gazette’s issue of June 20?
Documentary made by Chilmarkers David Heilbroner and Kate Davis brings Newburgh case to light, exposing possible entrapment during the War on Terrorism.
As I wrap up my year as the alternative education science teacher at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, I polled my students and did my own inventory of things that had gone well and things I wanted to