This year marks the tenth anniversary of Della Hardman Day, and perhaps the true testament to its namesake is that the weekend has become both a celebration of Della and has transcended her.
The following are the three winning essays in the annual Della Hardman writing contest for high school students.
The following two essays were written in Nancy Aronie’s Writing From the Heart workshop by two women attending Camp Jabberwocky.
I’ve noticed that Island shops carry greeting cards for retirement. Most of the messages inside simply read “Congratulations!” So, I’m thinking of starting my own line. The message inside would simply say “Are you sure?”
Chilmark values are exemplified by many things — from the Menemsha sailing races that are open to all boats of any type, to the softball games that are open to all participants.
Our post-industrial world is now experiencing one of history’s greatest technological revolutions. Renewable energy is plunging in price, and the Cape and Islands are center stage.
Perhaps a slight rise in property taxes on Chilmark residents might be a preferable method to raise funds rather than bleeding our finest up-Island artistic and cultural organizations dry.
Can the over-70 set keep up with hotshot young bikers on a European bike tour? Do senior citizens have to call it quits on Vineyard bike paths when they pass the three-score-and-ten milestone?
The following letter was sent to Cape and Islands Rep. Timothy Madden. The small bridge channel into Sengekontacket Pond, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard is almost closed by sand accumulation.