The soldiers and their families will compete in the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby this week.
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The fishermen — and fish — were out in Edgardown’s inner harbor Sunday. But there were no striped bass or bonito on the hooks. Instead, they were casting for menhaden. The small, oily, inedible fish... Read more
At the derby weigh station, curious onlookers are often just as large a group as the fishermen themselves. Friends and family stop by as catches are brought in, and tourists wander down to the docks... Read more


Grand Leaders





BoatDaniel Hiemer19.69 lbs.
ShoreRalph J. Peckham15.18 lbs.

Striped Bass

BoatStephen J. Pietruska38.71 lbs.
ShoreJena-Lynn Beauregard34.63 lbs.


BoatBob H. Clay11.49 lbs.
ShoreCooper A. Gilkes6.58 lbs.

False Albacore

BoatSam T. Bell13.24 lbs.
ShoreBill R. Hansen13.10 lbs.