Tisbury firefighters host their annual car show on Sunday, August 31, from 1 to 5 p.m. in downtown Tisbury.
Political comedian Scott Blakeman brings his solo show, Scott Blakeman: A Standup Who Doesn’t Dumb Down, to the Grange Hall on Saturday, August 30.
The Vineyard Artisans Labor Day festival is upon us. Where else might you find a blacksmith and a weaver and a pony ride?
Everyday objects are the subject for the Louisa Gould Gallery’s annual art show entitled Abstract Vision: The Colors and Forms Behind the Everyday. The exhibit opens on Friday, August 29.
The details of life tend to pile up in my mind like mail thrown on the coffee table. Not enough debris was dusted aside to uncover the delight of writing this column. I’m two hours past deadline. My company car is at risk.
Tyrene (Ty) Johnston, a veteran Montessori educator who just moved to the Island full-time, will teach in the mornings at Vineyard Montessori, a private school in Vineyard Haven.
The animal shelter is having a run on kittens. Just this week seven motherless little ones were delivered to us in a plastic bin.
So the fair came and went in beautiful weather. Do you remember those awful past days when the fair was only three days long?
The following cases were heard in Edgartown district court.