It was with some shock that I saw numerous Chappy residents had taken out a half-page ad in the August 15 Gazette entreating Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and President Obama to bring high-speed internet to their island.
According to Chapter 90 of Massachusetts General Laws on the operation of a low-speed vehicle in the state, a low-speed vehicle is a motor vehicle that cannot legally be operated at a speed greater than 25 miles per hour.
To whomever took the Vera Thornton Real Estate logo off my car: What were you thinking? How could something that personalized be of any use to you?
Congratulations to everyone involved in the just-concluded, magnificent production of Peter Pan by the Island Theatre Workshop held at the Performing Arts Center at the regional high school.
At last this blue andperfectly domed August skysaves me from chaosMadness, summertimebe gone! I want the sweet sighof Autumn’s cool grayKatrina NevinEdgartown
From the Vineyard Gazette edition of August 18, 1967: By tradition the word factory conjures up the image of a monstrous functional building that bristles with highrise chimneys belching forth noxious fumes, its walls pockmarked by sightless windows.
The annual Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival, now gearing up for its ninth run, is from Tuesday, Sept. 2, through Sunday, Sept. 7.
Two years ago, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society was what founder and executive director Richard Paradise calls a “gypsy organization.”
Buckrammer's Tales by John E. Conway is a collection of memories from sailing adventures with family.