While holding their place across the board for strong academic achievement, Vineyard public schools turned in mixed scores this year on the MCAS exam with some schools showing new areas that need improvement, especially when it comes to improving proficiency among low income, non-English-speaking and special needs students.
He is an educator, fisherman, shellfisherman, sports fan, son, husband and father. The trappings of John Custer’s third-floor office in the Tisbury School, where he has been principal for four years, say as much.
The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks are in the midst of an off-season shakeup as the organization works to put its books into the black. General manager Jerry Murphy has resigned.
Determined to populate the Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission with fresh faces, the Dukes County Commission this week voted to expand the airport commission from seven to nine members. The next day, the airport commission went to court to block the move.
Smith Hollow is a quiet neighborhood in Edgartown. But this past summer, the installation of a new municipal solar array added a new sound to the mix: incessant humming that all but drowns out the other sounds at some Smith Hollow residences.
Call it new math, but the Dukes County Commission may have finally figured out how to get the Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission under its thumb: make it bigger.
Roster Changes Baseball is about many things — hot dogs and home runs, stolen bases and broken hearts, steamy nights and cold truths — and one of these is that baseball is ultimately a business.
Two filmmakers have been on-Island for about three weeks following around sword maker Michael Craughwell for a show which will air on the Discovery Channel.
The Gay Head Light relocation project will be referred to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission for possible review as a development of regional impact, the Aquinnah planning board decided this week.