Tisbury Police Ask Voters for Staff Help

Tisbury Police Ask Voters for Staff Help

Union Wants Two Additional Officers;Issue Will Appear as April Article on Town Meeting Warrant


An unprecedented move by the Tisbury police union will put the debate over staffing of the town police force before the voters at town meeting time in April.

Tisbury Police Zero In on Peeping Tom

Tisbury police believe they are getting closer to identifying the town’s peeping Tom, who remains active despite publicity about the case and the arrival of colder weather.

Det. Mark Santon said police now believed the man had been active since the summer, peering in windows over a large area of town. The most recent report of his activities came in on Wednesday.

Case for Paying Tisbury Police Bill

On Tuesday, June 29, the town of Tisbury will hold a special town meeting to seek the passage of two separate, but related spending articles concerning the town’s collective bargaining agreement with the Tisbury police union. The details of the collective bargaining agreement were the result of a Joint Labor Management Committee arbitration award, which both the town and the police union agree is a fair and equitable resolution. The town of Tisbury and union encourage Tisbury residents to attend the special town meeting and support the passage of these two articles.

State Arbitrators Decide Tisbury Police Contract, Ending a Long Dispute

A state labor relations committee has settled a long-running contract dispute between the town of Tisbury and the union representing the police department that spans nearly three years and four different police chiefs.

The Jan. 28 decision from the Massachusetts Joint Labor Managements Committee for Municipal Police and Fire sides with the town on the central issue of a 3.5 per cent pay increase for patrol officers and police sergeants retroactive to July 1, 2007, the date the contract was supposed to have gone into effect.